There’s something about every word kids use today that makes me feel like an old person who knows words too well to want to listen to them poorly utilized. ¬†Here is a list of words I would be happy never to hear again: Awkward Legit Epic [Not a word, but a phrase:] “In all honesty…” “For real” Bro Totes Toight (like tight, with an inserted ‘o’, for the old people reading) Vajeen (gross) And although it’s not on the list, you kids are totes ruining ‚Ķ Continue reading

Jesus, not a New Years Resolution Blog Already

The word of the day is: DEMONSTRATIVE. ¬†Actually, just ‘demonstrative’. ¬†People should never use all-caps for emphasis unless they are really angry and writing hard onto an actual piece of paper and then doing what I do which is to scribble in angry circles all over the all-cap after I’ve written it real big, then throwing it in the fire and giggling. What it means, according to some dictionary anyway, is: de¬∑mon¬∑stra¬∑tive¬†¬†(d-mnstr-tv) adj. 1.¬†Serving to manifest or prove. 2.¬†Involving or characterized by demonstration. 3.¬†Given to ‚Ķ Continue reading

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