Do yourself a favour and watch the video for Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.  Very fun. I am not a talker lately.  I’m not a thinker either, so don’t mistake my silence for introspection.  It’s nice out finally and I am enjoying it.  I have bought non-special occasional dresses for the first time in probably ever.  I am after 28 years ready to maybe be a girl, possibly.  Did you know these things don’t have leg-holes?  I’m very much not ladylike when … Continue reading

Robin Pecknold continues to be wonderful in every way.

You know of my love for Fleet Foxes if you’re any one of the four regular visitors to this site (including the weirdo who gets here every time by searching “elvira quesada”; hearts!). Well, there’s more proof in the pudding that one of this era’s most talented musicians is just as great a guy as he is at tugging my emotions every which way on a long drive down the northern highways. Not only did he comment on this guy’s cover of “Olivia, In a … Continue reading

More Music without Videos

These helped the evening along nicely. Back to reality (from… unreality? Lala land? I dunno). Matthew Good – Last Parade Modest Mouse – The World at Large Addendum: Oh and if you’re a fan of Joel Plaskett (or don’t yet know him), I’ve been listening to Scrappy Happiness tonight and you can too, thanks to CBC Music. Share the post “More Music without Videos” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Charlie Brown? Really?? OR: I don’t get you, Coldplay.

I just don’t get Coldplay. Chris Martin is adorable and clever and has a very pretty voice, yes, but for the life of me I can’t love his band.  That “Paradise” song (assuming it’s called that, I don’t even want to bother to consult Google with this) has its moments, and I think “Clocks” was good years ago, but I just do not comprehend the passion some people have deep in their souls for this band.  I mean, I’m sure it’s the exact thing they’d … Continue reading

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