People I Don’t Know Who I Say I Would Marry:

Joel Plaskett Bo Burnham Conan O’Brien (goes without saying, after Bo Burnham is listed) Peter Elkas (on occasion) I’m considering Stephen Malkmus formerly of Pavement tonight, too, but let’s face it, that would probably end up in a messy divorce. Share the post “People I Don’t Know Who I Say I Would Marry:” FacebookTwitterShareā€¦ Continue reading

Drunk Teenagers

Oh, Plaskett. This reminds me of the drive to Grundy Lake, if only for the vandalism on the Canadian Shield along the highway: halfway ashtray rockspray painted on a cliffi hate clayton parkI want a giant splif i want to leave my markout in the wildernessi need to take a piss drunk teenagers, lets start a fightOut gettin wasted on a Saturday nightdrunk teenagers, you can pick your poisonthe city or the country, we just wanna make some noiseo yeah i don’t want to get ā€¦ Continue reading

Ring the Alarm

This [scroll down to the second video, bad embed video tag I don’t care to figure out] is among the funniest shit I’ve seen since, you know, the original thing happened. Share the post “Ring the Alarm” FacebookTwitterShareā€¦ Continue reading