There is about this much snow out there right now: (Minus the ice on the trees. There is no ice.) And classes are cancelled.I’m not complaining, but I’m just saying. Really, Niagara College? Same with Brock. Really?? That’s okay. This’ll make 3 weeks in a row that I haven’t had my Organizational Behaviour class, at all. Except for that one time when the substitute came in and gave us the same lecture our prof gave us the first week. Right. Share the post “Really?” FacebookTwitterShare… Continue reading


That’s it. I’m going to get laser hair removal. It’s actually really, really inexpensive, and it’s done by the same guy who rid me of pimples (for the most part) for the rest of my life. I consider him a wizard. While I don’t agree with the amount of Botox injections he performs per year, I’m kind of cool with paying him a small fee to never again have to stress that I wore a short-sleeved shirt (an SSS) when I probably shouldn’t have. I … Continue reading

You’ve come a long way, baby.

I haven’t typed in some of my passwords in so long that once my cache decides to kill itself, I’ll never be able to log in again. Did my speech, blew the professor away. I have “the presence of a stand-up comic” and my sense of humour is “great”. Both, true stories. I hate to admit it, but compliments give me a bit of a turbo charge. I was like Robin Williams for the next few hours, hairy and surely annoying the shit out of … Continue reading

"TRAB PU KCIP! TRAB PU KCIP!" "’Pick a bar’?? What the hell does that mean?"

I’m On My Way! In terms of eating somewhat healthily, that is! And if eating more than one meal a day (that isn’t from McDonalds) is any indication of that, then yes sirs and madams, I am there. Let’s face it. I’ll never ease off the caffeine addiction, but I don’t have it much on weekends (weekends are for mixed drinks and salty snacks!) and I have coaxed myself into believing that Tetley Decaffeinated Earl Grey tastes just as good as the regular kind. I … Continue reading

I made the right choice.

I got my hair did. Finally. I will never have a straight woman do it again because the guy who did my hair was a genius and all the women I’ve had do my hair nearly always screwed it up. Paying twice the amount that you normally pay for a haircut sometimes works out exceptionally well. On a completely unrelated note, please visit this website and listen to Ben Folds’ cover of “Bitches Ain’t Shit” if you haven’t to date. If you have, it’s still … Continue reading

Substance? On this blog? Surely there’s been a grievous error on my part.

When I heard the Juno soundtrack described as “really… weird music” by not one, not two, but probably around five people, I had it in my head that some of these “weird” bands were probably ones I like or have liked in the past. When the Moldy Peaches were mentioned, that thought was confirmed. Being that I could probably use the $11.99 more than Rhino Records, I opted to … borrow the digital format from the internet. My opinion: Pretty darn adorable. I haven’t seen … Continue reading

Decisions, decisions.

I want to cut my hair. At the moment, though, it looks really, really, really, really good. So maybe if I nap on my hair before I go outside from now on, I will not want to cut it anymore. I miss it being short and ruly manageable. Also, when it’s short and wavy (meaning, I don’t take the time to straighten it, thus burning the shit out of it), it looks nicer than it does now. Oh fuck it, I’ll just get it cut. … Continue reading

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