There is nothing I enjoy more than a steaming hot shower. So, as you can imagine, there is a lot I enjoy less about a devastatingly icy-cold shower, in mid-January yet! Fuck! Fuck you! That was fucking cold! It’s not like I’m dying of some unknown disease or anything. Fuck! Share the post “THE IRS PRESENTS: HERSCHEL KRUSTOFSKI’S CLOWN-RELATED ENTERTAINMENT SHOW” FacebookTwitterShareā€¦ Continue reading

I’m addicted to bargains!!!1

I can’t stop looking around eBay. But I’ve bought a Lithium-Ion battery for my camera for a penny (actual retail price at Staples: $80!), so can you really blame me? Really?? You’ve always doubted me. You don’t know me! Ill.I purchased an expectorant, but expectorating hasn’t really happened yet. I think I have mononucleosis. Maybe I’m just hoping I do because the prospects of this semester aren’t exactly setting my academic loins ablaze. What really does anymore though? These academic loins of mine. They’re stone-colder ā€¦ Continue reading

I’ve been bitten by the eBay bug! (Not to be confused with the butterfly pictured above.) A 1Ā¢ Lithium-Ion battery to replace the $80 one that my hapless Meow sent for a swim last month? Yes please! Oh, my cooking sucked this weekend. Right on sucked. There was no denying that. We might have gotten food poisoning if we finished it. Ew. Share the post “” FacebookTwitterShareā€¦ Continue reading

Good morning. I thought I would list my most enjoyed television programs, in no order of relevance. Antiques Roadshow Survivor Flip That House American Idol (auditions only plz) I’m going to see butterflies today. I hope my camera battery doesn’t die (as it often does since it made its fall into a bowl of water), because if it doesn’t, I will again have pictures to show that aren’t of cats! Share the post “” FacebookTwitterShareā€¦ Continue reading

Fresh Start

Deleted the P-Log and all that came with it. Ages have passed since I had an audience not comprised of exes and my exes’ exes. It makes me nervous to think there are people reading about me, grinding their teeth and chortling all the while to themselves in some inane delusion that by reading me, they are humiliating me. Really, they are frightening me. After two years, he who cannot get over being left far behind does not deserve to know what I’m up to. ā€¦ Continue reading


My friend’s dad had a band once called Take Two, because there were two people in the band. That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard. The hits have fluttered back up to halfway normal since I started posting on the P-log. Why am I doing that again? Boredom? Ah, right. Holy smokes. We are in a very strange place. I’m getting movie ideas lately, but I’ll be darned if I can put them together. Hey. When did I want to start writing movies? This is ā€¦ Continue reading

Out gettin’ wasted on a Saturday night

Coffee. I need a lot of it. I’m obsessed with parts of Ashtray Rock. Cannot get enough, if you hadn’t noticed. Monday night leaves very little to the imagination. I may bike. I may run. If I’m feeling extra lazy, I shall walk, or just sleep. Those cost the least. For now, it’s Antiques Roadshow. Share the post “Out gettin’ wasted on a Saturday night” FacebookTwitterShareā€¦ Continue reading

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

Ever have your car graffiti’d? ‘Cause it turned out that I had the other night. Actually, so was everyone who parked on the street treated to a delightfully scribbled tag that probably signifies absolutely nothing aside from sheer sans-dickery on the side or back of their auto. Among the conclusions I’ve come to in the past year is that St Catharines’ kids need to develop hoop dreamz or something to keep themselves otherwise occupied. I thought all hope was gone until my mother tried the ā€¦ Continue reading

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