Tangerine Holiday Double Bonus is Back!

woo hoo! tangerine ing direct holiday bonus returns!

I pass this on to my readers whenever I can because I like earning referral bonuses and I like when others get the chance to earn money for doing just about nothing too. Plus they’re a great bank. Read on. This year ING Direct became Tangerine when they were bought out by Scotiabank. Luckily, they still kept their popular holiday bonus promo where I refer you and they give you $50 free for enrolling using a referrer’s Tangerine Orange Key. If you like money, my Orange … Continue reading

ING Direct Canada is giving you $50 to sign up with an Orange Key! Time to do it!

I talk non-stop about ING Direct, probably because they’ve saved me over $400 in bank fees since I signed up, and because I can access my money for free from banks in the Exchange Network (think credit unions, etc.) everywhere. Not only that, but banking online is fast and very easy to set up. And then there’s the famous Orange Key I’m always going on about. Normally, ING gives you a sweet $25 bonus to sign up with the Orange Key. From now until December … Continue reading

Found my Halloween costume! David Suzuki! Canadian as ****!

I hope you will watch my next episode of The Nature of Things. If you want to join the league of David Suzukis, hit up the links below for your free mask! Small David Suzuki mask Large David Suzuki mask Not being David Suzuki? What’s your costume this year? Leave a link to your costume in the comments, or a picture of you in one of these great masks! Share the post “Found my Halloween costume! David Suzuki! Canadian as ****!” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

Halloween Prep

We’re getting into the spirit of Halloween around here. I’ll take some spooky pictures on Halloween night too, so we get the full effect. I forgot to grab a picture of my scary ghoul guy from the back door, but he’ll be moving to the porch for the occasion so you’ll see him. Have you gotten into decorating for Halloween this year? Leave me a comment with your favourite decorations! Share the post “Halloween Prep” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading


Apparently this isn’t Radiohead.  But it’s sure nice like Radiohead.  I hadn’t heard the song a month ago so I don’t feel duped.  And knowing that it’s not Thom Yorke, I notice the subtle nuances indicating that it isn’t him.  Always would have noticed them though, right?  Sure. My mom did her last good deed for me for 2011.  I got a text from my sister saying “u ho”… which was then re-sent as “u home? lmfao”.  I was directed to wait at my door, … Continue reading


Too bad for Mixi. Came across kind of a neat pick-me-up in the morning if you enjoy punctuation marks that are rarely used: 14 Punctuation Marks That You Never Knew Existed It’s morning, and we’re about to sample some Melitta coffee that we only got charged 13 cents for at the store thanks to a broken scale.  If it’s not any good, I still have the receipt. Last night I played a guitar solo on a naked mannequin. Crest Pro-Health: Tastes great, but my tongue … Continue reading

This Things I Believe

Got a flat tire the other day. Got it fixed for free today, because the person who owned the car before my parents bought it got their tires from the place I went to. Ho ho! Free flat repairs for (the) life (of the tires)! I’m gonna drive me over a bed of nails! Share the post “This Things I Believe” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading


Throwing my goals in the garbage is the most liberating thing I’ve done all day.Well, first crumpling the list of them up and then ranting on about how they will now reside in a landfill never to bother me again, that was most liberating. In it, I found reason. Milo-Kitty ran away. 🙁 I’m scared for him. He’s not exactly the Albert Einstein of the feline variety; more similarly, he’s the Grimace, but less ambitious. Since I don’t live in the same city as them, … Continue reading