Apparently this isn’t Radiohead.  But it’s sure nice like Radiohead.  I hadn’t heard the song a month ago so I don’t feel duped.  And knowing that it’s not Thom Yorke, I notice the subtle nuances indicating that it isn’t him.  Always would have noticed them though, right?  Sure. My mom did her last good deed for me for 2011.  I got a text from my sister saying “u ho”… which was then re-sent as “u home? lmfao”.  I was directed to wait at my door, … Continue reading

Well played, credit card company

I’m the kind of person who for a long time paid her bills the second she got them. Then I sort of slumped into becoming the kind of person who pays them on time. According to the $8 interest charge on my credit card this month, I am now a deadbeat in my eyes, but through no fault of my own of course. If you’ve ever used the website I’m talking about (which I will not reveal because I dunno, couldn’t someone steal my identity … Continue reading

John Tesh would marry my ass.

Tax return came this week, and since I don’t really get to enjoy it (thank you, school that got me so many places), I’m trying to curb my spending. This is when my blog gets useful! These links are British, so the tools might not work as well as you’d hope, but the general ideas are common sense and a worthwhile reminder of what little things you can do to save some money (if not for yourself, then to donate to a good cause now … Continue reading

Lessons in Morality

On our daily post-lunch trip to the Tim Hortons drive thru today, I was telling Miki about the time *Alan found $50 on the ground opposite my cash register. It was a relatively slow night, so I knew who had dropped it, in fact I remembered the guy choosing a $20 instead of that $50 to pay for what he bought. “It’s mine!” Alan declared. While my interest was momentarily piqued, morality stupidly kicked in.“It is not yours. What if that guy comes back?”“He doesn’t … Continue reading

Having an Alan Cross/Lasik moment

Here’s the inside scoop. I’m someone who likes to spend money, and still have more for later. makes me feel like a mom should. As the bass booms from the housing next-door, I am cutting coupons sent to me by and pro-planning my shopping trips using FC’s tidy, organized website for people who enjoy savings. Not only do I find out about super deals, but people post about where to use which coupons to save the most money! It’s also a really friendly … Continue reading

Realizations in Life:

Old people have money because they are done paying their debts and thus can actually keep their money earned/received. In that, I am nowhere near old yet. We got business cards and I like them so much that it kills me inside to hand them out because they’re really great quality. I told my dad to take some to work. At first he split the pile so he had almost 1/3 of them. I said “NO NO! Not that many!!” Do I want to admire … Continue reading

I’ve been workin’ on the railroad, all the livelong day…

Make no mistake about it, I have not been working on any railroads. Actually, I’ve been paying $117 for a tire that decided to implode this morning. Better im- than ex-, I always say. It was that which had me decide to spend even more money on a load of shit that I don’t really need. Nothing like a nice bill to break the spending seal. I guess once in a while, when things are [as] golden [as they can be, for a recent graduate … Continue reading

Project: Pay Off Student Loan is in effect. I need some ideas that don’t involve work. I’ve decided on: gambling selling my least useful body parts to science (good-bye, baby toes!) manufacturing and selling cat merchandise entering any and every contest with a cash prize more gambling The bank ripped me off 20 cents in my roll of laundry quarters today. Opened them up to do my wash and what did I find, but a lousy nickel in between the other coins. Sure, half the … Continue reading

I need a get-rich-quick scheme. This whole working full time thing probably won’t work out, if I ever get that far. Share the post “” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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