Tangerine Holiday Double Bonus is Back!

woo hoo! tangerine ing direct holiday bonus returns!

I pass this on to my readers whenever I can because I like earning referral bonuses and I like when others get the chance to earn money for doing just about nothing too. Plus they’re a great bank. Read on. This year ING Direct became Tangerine when they were bought out by Scotiabank. Luckily, they still kept their popular holiday bonus promo where I refer you and they give you $50 free for enrolling using a referrer’s Tangerine Orange Key. If you like money, my Orange … Continue reading

Last chance! Let’s each earn an extra $50 today.

[NOTE: This post is not promoted or endorsed by ING Direct Canada. I just like free money.] ING Direct Canada (soon to be Tangerine)’s holiday season promo is coming to a close. What does that mean? It means there is still a little time left for you to sign up, deposit $100 to your new account and earn $50 free cash. That would certainly help pay the bills, wouldn’t it? What I love about ING: No fees! None! Great customer service if you need to … Continue reading

ING Direct Canada is giving you $50 to sign up with an Orange Key! Time to do it!

I talk non-stop about ING Direct, probably because they’ve saved me over $400 in bank fees since I signed up, and because I can access my money for free from banks in the Exchange Network (think credit unions, etc.) everywhere. Not only that, but banking online is fast and very easy to set up. And then there’s the famous Orange Key I’m always going on about. Normally, ING gives you a sweet $25 bonus to sign up with the Orange Key. From now until December … Continue reading

How you can help others, RIGHT NOW, for free!

Want to make a difference but you’re uh… kind of struggling yourself? Whether you already volunteer your time or wish you had the time, there’s always a little extra you can be doing, even if you don’t have the money right this second. Sites like Greater Good are home to the Animal Rescue Site and also host other charities that help fight hunger, fund mammograms, help house veterans, pay for therapy for autistic people, and more. If you visit the site, you can help make … Continue reading

How I Made $100 by Blogging (& How You Can Make Money From My Blogging!)

No, I’m not talking about putting ads on my site, but if that could start to work for me, I’d like that too. I’m also not talking about clicking on those bogus links that say “LOCAL STAY-AT-HOME MOM MAKES $1665 AN HOUR ONLINE!!!!1”, though I’ve never clicked on one of them… so maybe one could be legit. I’m talking about referrals. You’re probably involved in at least one or two organizations which will reward you for talking up their product or service to other people. … Continue reading

Experian, TransUnion & Equifax probably won’t fix your credit report without a lawsuit. Cool right?

Watch this eye-opening special from 60 Minutes about how the people you speak to or write to at Equifax, TransUnion and Experian have no authority to change any error on your credit report. Ignore the annoying commercial breaks. It’s worth it. 40 Million Mistakes: Is your credit report accurate? — 60 Minutes How is this legal? Well, it isn’t. That’s why lawsuits are being filed to correct even the most obvious of credit errors. We’ve had a couple of personal experiences with something like this, … Continue reading

Need money? Get $25 + 2.50% Interest on Savings through ING Direct Canada

The Orange Key just got better. For a limited time (they don’t say when), along with a FREE $25, you will now earn 2.50% on your savings when you sign up for an ING Canada account using another account holder’s Orange Key. And since I told you about it, here’s mine.   Both the new account holder and the referring account holder benefit the same way from this offer. Here are a bunch of reasons I like this bank. Same goes for if you refer … Continue reading

What I Love About ING Direct Canada — & My Orange Key

The system works! Got another $25 for referring someone to ING Direct Canada today, and that means the person who opened an account with this cool bank also got $25! Congrats! If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s the low-down. Or, if you know all about it already and just want an Orange Key so you can earn $25 just for signing up and depositing $100 (and start earning your own money referring people), here’s my Orange Key: Why I like ING: No monthly fees ABMs … Continue reading

Torn Between Data and Reason — or Why Changing My Koodo Plan is a Big Deal

It’s no secret I love saving money. It’s a product of never having it, and when I do have it, I’m lost for what to spend it on. Every few months either Miklos or I will check a couple of our regular expenses to see what we can cut back on. We even managed to cancel our cable TV last month. Worked out to $60 savings per month (and psst, we’re not missing out on much). While looking into mobile plans offered by Koodo today, … Continue reading

ING Direct Canada Orange Key Gets You $25

I like saving money. More than that, I like earning money. Perhaps you do too. If you’re here, you probably searched “ING Direct Canada Orange Key”, so you know the drill. If not, I’ll explain: If you open an account with ING Direct citing someone’s Orange Key on ING, you earn an extra $25 (after you deposit $100). It’s a great bank. There are no chequing fees (and no other fees I’ve ever noticed) and you earn interest on any balance you carry. If you don’t … Continue reading