Headphones on, listening to nothing.

deathstar rocketboot. says:your voice is so sexy hahahadeathstar rocketboot. says:god damnitNik says:lol whatdeathstar rocketboot. says:you should be one mof those girls who talks on the phone late at nightNik says:hahahahhadeathstar rocketboot. says:your voice! its super sexy hahaNik says:well if HR doesn’t work outNik says:i’ve got a lucrative career at Quest ahead of me Share the post “Headphones on, listening to nothing.” FacebookTwitterShare… Continue reading

My cute little niece came along with my parents to visit me today. They all got me out of my “can’t do my assignment” blues. Macy’s facial expressions as she watches the fish dart around in the aquarium in my living room is priceless. How are my days being spent lately? Looking for furniture and cars on Kijiji, writing resumes, sleeping little, working, and spending my days at school scratching my head wondering if any of this is actually real to any degree. And yes, … Continue reading


I haggled the shit out of (thesaurus says “hammered out a deal with”) a guy today, and my steadfastness went the distance. My bass amplifier with its limited memories and 70 pounds of weight are now gone from my life; replacing it, a small pile of twenty dollar bills which I plan to sleep on tonight. Went to a show last night. I hate to admit it but my professor was half right about something: Ale House beer does taste like piss, but only sometimes. … Continue reading

You’ve come a long way, baby.

I haven’t typed in some of my passwords in so long that once my cache decides to kill itself, I’ll never be able to log in again. Did my speech, blew the professor away. I have “the presence of a stand-up comic” and my sense of humour is “great”. Both, true stories. I hate to admit it, but compliments give me a bit of a turbo charge. I was like Robin Williams for the next few hours, hairy and surely annoying the shit out of … Continue reading

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