Something has to give.

Between the middle-aged probable molesters, and the crotchety old jackoffs wearing hats with green bows expecting me to remove the GST/PST for them because they want to buy ‘confectionaries’, I need a new job. Love my coworkers, hate the type of people I’m dealing with. The quality is just not there. Who’d have thought. I have a few applications out. Something must come through. Feeling sick to my stomach. Hopefully it’s just dehydration, but it’s probably nerves. Gross people make me anxious. Must. Escape. Gross … Continue reading

And another thing.

Pretentiousness level: High Tonight at work, a woman with two young children approached the cash desk. Her son held a pack of gum in his hand. She noticed it, jerked it out of his hands, looked at the package, and loudly proclaimed, “Oh, NO! No no. It has sorbitol in it. You’re not getting that.” “Why not?” the child asked innocently. “Because sorbitol is bad for you.” And then, she instead bought 12 packs of Smarties, a bag of Gummy Worms, and a pack of … Continue reading

Angry, angry, angry. Hot chocolate isn’t helping. Nothing truly bad even happened. This is all a product of the last week of the month. Oh, and that must mean tomorrow is Seniors Day. Why not! Come one, come all. Jesse taught me how to do HDR shots yesterday. Then I taught my Nana. It’s not fair that whenever I try to read, I fall asleep. Something must be seriously wrong with my health (for the past 12 years). Share the post “” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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