Dear Trainwreck

I realize some girls were not lucky enough to grow up with the most supportive of families.  I am aware of how insecure this makes them.  I know it’s why they walk around with skirts hiked up to their buttholes, and why they drink and drug themselves stupid in vain attempts to attract attention, so easily mistaking it for affection.  And for once, it’s not the fact that they’re contributing to the degeneration of all that women have worked so hard for a century to … Continue reading

When I was your age, blah blah blah!

Because Dan is a tingus, I have to blog again. So what’s new in the world?  Well, I just don’t know. Today I will outwardly consider how sad it is that money is such a motivator for some people.  Not in the way that they’ll work, however. No, no.  I am referring to the money so readily available to deadbeats and other human embodiment of sloth who for no good reason actually opt to leech off the common working people instead of making a single … Continue reading

Things I Miss Currently:

Our little blue car. RIP sweetie. You were loved. The tartar under my gums before my dental appointment today. It had become a part of me. The ability to react sharply and quickly, both physically and mentally. Painkillers and muscle relaxants are a wonderful demotivator and defense-mechanism-killer, but I like being slightly wound-up. Now I know why my friend who was addicted to codeine was such a lackadaisical slacker all the time. In short, we got into a big car accident caused by a gent … Continue reading

Canadian Shame

Here’s the thing. Capitalism is everywhere. You knew it when you got old enough to think for yourself. You knew it when you became an adult turned 19. You know it now that you (maybe) pay your own rent/mortgage. So if you’re so big on protesting, where have you been the rest of this year to spread awareness of your cause? Why are you not moving to a third-world, non-corporate country to support the less fortunate? Why are you not sewing your own clothes? Why … Continue reading

How to Have a Shitty Day

Get up at 7:44am on a Saturday morning. Go to the market and have a shitty coffee that tastes so bad you can’t even finish it. Get pressured by some Luigi-looking guy with purposely-curled moustache to eat sausage when you already had a danish and cereal, and you really don’t like eating disgusting meat early in the morning because it sets your stomach off, not to mention you already had that awful coffee. Get made fun of by the Luigi-looking guy who pressures you to … Continue reading

"Is there such a thing as CANADA?!"

What an amazing trip we had. There are so many great things about our trip to Hungary that I will in all likelihood go into at some point, but naturally, there’s something I need to get off my chest. This experience comes to you from our connecting flight in Rome. Italy, as it happens, was such a beautiful country as we flew in. The airport in Rome, however, needs to be seriously reworked. It is singlehandedly the worst airport known to man. At the very … Continue reading


Just clicking through my bookmarks at random, you know, since I have time to do that now, and I found this: Mark Twain’s Top 9 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life. Pretty uplifting! And, you know, I hate to kick you down when you’re up by getting all serious, but there are some powerful photos here. Don’t click if you can’t stand to look at starving, broken-down souls. There’s a whole other world out there that you and I are nowhere near familiar with. What … Continue reading

The Smell & the Wolverine

Nik says: SPEAKING of smell sweet jesus that guy at X-Men Wolverine tonight? fuck my life! this guy looked like he was straight out of a Dungeons and Dragons matchdan says: Who would think a comic book guy would have B.O.?!Nik says: HAD A GIRLFRIEND, so there’s officially now hope for EVERYBODY and every time a laugh was had, a foul odour of sweaty feet, b.o., and general filth would waft its awful way in our direction it got to the point where we bought … Continue reading

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