El Politico

It seems recently that the Liberal Press Secretary’s Twitter account and I have been at odds every couple of weeks. First was my annoyance that gastric bypass surgery is OHIP covered (which, I agree, is a very necessary procedure) yet basic dental is not, for most people.  I mentioned Dalton McGuinty in my tweet, so naturally, @LibPressSec, not @Dalton_McGuinty,  then replied to tell me about Healthy Smiles, a program whereby children 17 and under are covered for basic dental in specific institutions, as long as … Continue reading

Weasel Poll

Dalton McGuinty (AKA a giant wiener who is premier of one of the poorest parts of Canada) did us all a real big favour and sent each taxpayer in Ontario the first installment of three bribe cheques this week so that we don’t hate him as much when we have to start paying the new equivalent of PST next month on such things as gasoline, Tim Hortons coffee, and groceries (not considered ‘basic’) under $4. I received mine today, and I just plum don’t know … Continue reading


I’m truly, to my core, touched. I’ve never seen such a massive amount of people so incredibly happy in one place before. It finally feels like there’s hope for change in America. Good for them. Derek says:how come our politics cant be that excitingNik says:i know!Nik says:lowest voter turnout in history, for usNik says:friggin legendary election for themNik says:i guess we’d better start campaigning two years in advance, instead of calling an election 30 days beforeDerek says:yehDerek says:the news is like oh by the way … Continue reading

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