Going to Extremes

Highest elevation on Earth: Mount Everest – 8,850 m (29,035 ft) Lowest elevation on Earth: Dead Sea shore – −424 m (−1,391 ft) Hrm, well we’re not going to summit Mount Everest for our wedding, and we’re certainly not going to the dead world of biblical history.  How about North America? Highest elevation in North America: Denali (Mount McKinley) – 6,198 m (20,335 ft) Lowest elevation in North America: Death Valley, California – −86 m (−282 ft) [Source: Wikipedia -Extremes on Earth] Why is the lowest elevation always inclusive of death somehow? … Continue reading

Music Heals Your Soul, the Universe and a Waterfall with a Rainbow

With regards to my post the other day, I got my friggin’ wedding dress.  Unsure of why exactly, but I’ve been feeling like a rotten old bag of throw-up ever since.  Maybe because this signifies that we are in PLAN IT ALL NOW OR SUICIDE YOURSELF mode.  I am the worst planner of all things.  I am actually better on my feet than if I rehearse 100x.  I hate taking control and I like when everyone plans things for me.  Unfortunately, we are BrokeBank Mountain … Continue reading

Comma Chameleon

A girl I know suggested The Brides’ Project, a “no bullshit” place for shopping for wedding dresses.  I agree wholeheartedly with the idea of this.  The gowns are donated about 2/3 of them brand new by their partners and about a third by brides, therefor able to be price-capped, and then the money the bride pays goes to cancer charities.  We’ll be heading there this weekend (with any driving luck) to check some out and hopefully find the dress of my dreams.  This one: Damn … Continue reading

Ball Rolling

I’ve decided on wedding colours.  This sets the tone of the wedding overall (I think), and so now I have the kind of dress I want in mind.  No one seems to have it though, not on the internet, so I shudder to look at dresses in a shop.  Is it terribly unlikely that in seven (7) months’ time I could become a master seamstress and customize my own gown?  I used to draw clothes all the time and I was pretty good at it. … Continue reading

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