Christmas is OVER!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!  The past two days have been wonderfully packed with family, food, Christmas music and my gent,  which kind of ruled.  And it’s nice to enjoy a full day off once a year without a trip to Walmart. Now everything can slow back down and sweet reality can set on in once more.  A few more days and 2011’s over.  I found myself so ahead of the game this year with everything (excluding wedding planning, yeek).  Did you? … Continue reading

Music Heals Your Soul, the Universe and a Waterfall with a Rainbow

With regards to my post the other day, I got my friggin’ wedding dress.  Unsure of why exactly, but I’ve been feeling like a rotten old bag of throw-up ever since.  Maybe because this signifies that we are in PLAN IT ALL NOW OR SUICIDE YOURSELF mode.  I am the worst planner of all things.  I am actually better on my feet than if I rehearse 100x.  I hate taking control and I like when everyone plans things for me.  Unfortunately, we are BrokeBank Mountain … Continue reading

Reading Rainbow

Good idea, to whichever spammer suggested I put a Facebook ‘Like’ button on the posts.  (There are  a LOT of spammers.  I’m sorry if as a commenter I one day confuse you for one.  Just hiss at and scold me and I will learn the real deal.) We’ll get around to adding the Like button eventually. I’m very quiet lately, and for this I apologize.  Miklos found me a Blackberry Playbook for an incredible deal and I am in love with BookReader (sorry Kobo; read … Continue reading

X -Marks the Spot-mas

In the spirit of “I have to stop buying everything that I see” and “Oh, thank god there’s a gifting holiday coming up to save me”, I have begun a Christmas List. Matthew Good: Live at Massey Hall winter coat Giftcards for Bluenotes, Chapters, Tim Hortons, Esso (or generally cheaper gas station) CAA printer that doesn’t stop working 6 months after I buy it from Future Shop new tires I spent a good 15 minutes teaching myself the main guitar bit from “Love this Town” … Continue reading

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