Vitamin D

First week of November has been milder than most weeks in October.  Go figure.  I saw a girl wearing flip-flops yesterday and I’ll admit I was jealous.  I have a condition which causes my legs to fall apart in any shoes except for spongy flip-flops.  ‘Spongy’ is spelled without an E?  Really? 2010/2011’s winter was very uneventful for pictures.  2011/2012’s will be better, because I will actually make sure to take them.  This year there’s the advantage of having a new yard and a new … Continue reading

What’s wrong with the way it used to be! Get to the bank, it was closed!

I like to stay out of socio-political discussions because most often I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, but the people who govern Myanmar are absolutely fucking sick. I’ll be glad to be away from the news for a couple days, but sad because I know it’s still going on. I can’t believe how different things are from one place to another; how is this kind of shit even allowed to happen? Woke up at 5:30 this morning. Went to bed about four … Continue reading

New Camera, Same Fotos

Just prior to work and far prior to rum, I purchased the Canon S5 IS camera that I had wanted for so long. For a while, I was set on instead getting a DSLR, but I figure by the time I’m any good at one of those, there will be better quality ones out there. For now, I’ll stick to a high-end point and shoot that’s half the price. Tomorrow, I speak. I speak for ten minutes in front of a class, and I include … Continue reading

Decisions, decisions.

I want to cut my hair. At the moment, though, it looks really, really, really, really good. So maybe if I nap on my hair before I go outside from now on, I will not want to cut it anymore. I miss it being short and ruly manageable. Also, when it’s short and wavy (meaning, I don’t take the time to straighten it, thus burning the shit out of it), it looks nicer than it does now. Oh fuck it, I’ll just get it cut. … Continue reading

I’ve been bitten by the eBay bug! (Not to be confused with the butterfly pictured above.) A 1¢ Lithium-Ion battery to replace the $80 one that my hapless Meow sent for a swim last month? Yes please! Oh, my cooking sucked this weekend. Right on sucked. There was no denying that. We might have gotten food poisoning if we finished it. Ew. Share the post “” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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