Ridic, yall. Mother f’n ridic.

Hey Canada.  It’s time to eat shit. Everybody: We couldn’t take a half hour out of the two months advance notice we had before election day to summarize our beliefs in accordance with a party to prepare ourselves to vote? Or maybe Say Yes to the Dress ran another marathon today.  Had I known, that would’ve kept me home the 10 minutes it took me to drive to vote and come home. And might I say, thank you to all the senior citizens who were clearly the … Continue reading


I’m truly, to my core, touched. I’ve never seen such a massive amount of people so incredibly happy in one place before. It finally feels like there’s hope for change in America. Good for them. Derek says:how come our politics cant be that excitingNik says:i know!Nik says:lowest voter turnout in history, for usNik says:friggin legendary election for themNik says:i guess we’d better start campaigning two years in advance, instead of calling an election 30 days beforeDerek says:yehDerek says:the news is like oh by the way … Continue reading

Happy Autumn!

Hello waste of time and taxpayers’ money minority-government from yesterday back again today, hello! Today I was wondering where this jerk, who always bought a lot of lottery and was always a dick to everyone he talked to at my store, had been lately. Well, it turns out, sometimes bad people die. Disorienting though, since he didn’t seem unhealthy, just rude and mean-spirited and self-absorbed and in love with spending money on the hope that he might one day actually win money. (To buy friends?) … Continue reading

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