Those Crazy Samoans, Always a Step Ahead!

The people of Samoa skipped Friday this week AND got paid for it.  I don’t mean that they skipped work, I mean that they actually fell asleep Thursday and woke up Saturday, and not due to influenza.   There was no Friday!  Because they do more business with Australia and New Zealand than the US, they decided to ‘move’ to the other side of the international date line in order to have two more full business days for their larger client base.  Business savvy!  And … Continue reading

Warning: Do Not Ignore Hundreds of Dead Birds

Fish die by botulism, birds eat infected fish; a likely story.  The timing is a little off-putting, though.  Why can’t we just admit that the grief-stricken, poor economy-shaken birds committed mass suicide?  By the way, if you live on Georgian Bay and awaken to hundreds of dead birds in your yard, don’t just start cleaning them up, contact your municipality first. Something might be up. Unrelated, I urge you to play the internet’s greatest version of the game Telephone, Doodle or Die, but also to draw/say … Continue reading

It’s ok to use your cell phones again, ppl

Because you felt so threatened by the possibility that cellular technology would be the death of us all that you actually put your phone into a safe deposit box and locked it away to prevent any electromagnetic fields from escaping and endangering your health any further, I am pleased to assure you that a new study says that we have no reason to connect cancer risk with the use of cell phones.  Until the next study proving otherwise comes out. Share the post “It’s ok … Continue reading

Sad Panda

I’m really not okay with this. Endangered Bengal tigers among those killed after escaping from Ohio zoo I understand, yes, the police were not trained to deal with the tigers any other way.  Surely though, there were people who were. Animal control, or, failing that, someone with more wild life expertise that the animal control people could’ve called.  I realize it was a critical situation.  It just seems sad and stupid and wrong for them not to have even tried to do anything other than … Continue reading

My New Goal

It’s weird thinking that when I wrote that last blog, it was May. An entire summer has shot by us, and Jack Layton, who led the NDP to win more seats than ever before in Canadian federal elections has passed away.  Boy, was I angry (about Harper, I mean).  Truly, nothing ever changes in Canadian politics. We just expect and accept the stupid.  It is very sad about Layton, however.  I don’t endorse any particular political party normally, but the guy himself had a heart … Continue reading

Canadian Shame

Here’s the thing. Capitalism is everywhere. You knew it when you got old enough to think for yourself. You knew it when you became an adult turned 19. You know it now that you (maybe) pay your own rent/mortgage. So if you’re so big on protesting, where have you been the rest of this year to spread awareness of your cause? Why are you not moving to a third-world, non-corporate country to support the less fortunate? Why are you not sewing your own clothes? Why … Continue reading

Floods in Hungary

Maybe less impressive if you have never been there, but since we got to explore Hungary just under two months ago in near perfect weather, I am really sad to see the amount of flooding that’s happened: Szentendre, where we saw this adorable dog; the water along the river was a lot lower when we were there. We got lost in this part of north-eastern Hungary because a road was closed and a bridge was flooded out at the time. We really should have gotten … Continue reading

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