News You Can’t Use – April 12, 2010: Foxes exist in Welland It’s a really boring season for news in Welland, even when some poor guy’s body washed up in the river last week. This headline makes up for it though. Share the post “” FacebookTwitterShare… Continue reading

It’s a blog-eat-blog world out there

There’s an old wives’ tale that if you have a lot of heartburn during pregnancy, your kid will come out with a full mop of hair. Well, turns out it’s true. Need backup? It’s true here too. With the amount of heartburn I get on a regular, un-pregnant basis, I will probably end up with a little gorilla one day. That said, Dan, you can visit any time you want. Share the post “It’s a blog-eat-blog world out there” FacebookTwitterShare… Continue reading

Turning a blind eye to science. (See what I did there?)

A blind woman is able to see again after having a tooth and part of her cheek lining implanted in her eye. Of course, the operation has been referred to as ‘disfiguring’ (I guess there’s no real happy medium), but given the choice, I think I’d take sight again over my own vanity. Chances are she couldn’t apply makeup all that great before the surgery anyhow. There’s always sunglasses. Amazing though, isn’t it? [Article here] Share the post “Turning a blind eye to science. (See … Continue reading


Each week, something new happens so that the woman I work with who speaks only of tragedies will have something new to tell me they should reinstate the death penalty for. Similarly, but less likely to be a contributor to the argument for the death penalty by my coworker, there might have been another foot found, this time in Washington. This mystery intrigues me, although it’s probably just as simple as a bunch of people drowning and no one caring enough to report them all … Continue reading

Killers Can Be Anyone

This guy came into my store yesterday. A little unsettling, yes. Tomorrow marks the would-be Saturday of my ‘weekend’, which will be mostly filled with catching up on sleep. Ah, the life of a shift-working part-timer. How depressing. You know, to those types who still have emotions. I saw an article (in the Toronto Sun; regardless, it was an article) criticizing how people don’t kiss in public nearly as much as they used to anymore. Is anyone else actually kind of happy about this? Share … Continue reading

What’s Changed:

First apartment up high My own curtains (was it worth the money and stress of finding them? I think so.) Two roommates instead of one Not near enough to a Tim Hortons to walk there every day, so I make all my own tea instead of buying it Have to pay for laundry (ew) No ugly green carpet No boxes allowed to be stored in my closet after finished unpacking (as per my new personal goal) 20 minute walk to/from work, thus more exercise Can … Continue reading

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