Ostrich Pillow for Christmas: The perfect gift?

Remember the Ostrich Pillow? Come on. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s what it is. When you feel like you need to wrap your head with a pillow in public or at home, it’s your best option. And great news! It’s now available in Ostrich Pillow Light. You can get get the Ostrich Pillow Light by clicking on the above image. Amazon has a great deal on the original Ostrich Pillow (currently out of stock, but I imagine they’ll restock soon), They also sell an … Continue reading

Toronto neighbourhood toques, anyone?

This collection of community-themed toques and tops from the City of Neighbourhoods line at Tuck Shop Trading Co. is unique and fun. If you’ve lived in Toronto or currently live there, you might like to represent. That’s what the kids say these days, right? Repre… sent? The toques are $35, which is a good price for a hat in Toronto and terribly unreasonable anywhere else, but since they’re such a neat theme, it might be easier to ignore the tag. What do you think? Do … Continue reading

5 Christmas Gifts I Wish My Dad Wanted

Ho ho ho… goodie.  Christmas is already back.  If you’re stuck for gift ideas for your dad, or any other man in your life for that matter, you’re not alone.  Men tend to be a challenge for holiday gift-giving because they seem to either have everything, or, in the case of my pops, they never give you ideas about anything they’d like. I decided to search a few “Gifts for Him” pages to get an idea of what I can gift ol’ Dad this Christmas. … Continue reading

Car Shopping

Hello.  I’m looking for a car.  Preferably an un-robbable one, but I’m not too picky.  I do know that I want a cute hatchback and I do not want it to be silver or grey, and I am even a bit biased against black cars.  Sorry, it’s just how I was raised.  I want something in either a nice colour or pure white so that I can carry around a Coach purse and wear diamond-studded sunglasses without feeling out of place.  I want at least … Continue reading

Early Morning Bluez

This is easily the earliest I have been up in a very long time.  My nightmare job actually gives me bad dreams now.  That’s always welcome! So I woke up and put some Advantage on the dog, some of which I hope got on her actual skin, seeing as she has like 8 layers of thick short fur in the way of it.  Yep, being some form of an adult is pretty eventful.  I may even buy a humidifier filter one day soon.  Oh, the … Continue reading

That Tears It.

I’m buying all my toiletries from Walmart from now on. Now, don’t get me wrong. I hate Walmart just as much as the next person, but I sure don’t hate how they’re $4 less for a large jug of shampoo than it costs to buy a much smaller bottle at the store I work for. Even at discount, I get nothing like that. Points? Who gives a shit? I’d rather have money in my pocket, not points I’m always hesitant to spend. Dear John was … Continue reading

Every day is another trip to the mall for me. Closet organizing things, mostly, to make the most of my vertical space. And hooks. Plenty of hooks. I’m pretty sure either my bulletin board or full-length mirror (both??) will fall down in the middle of the night. Oop. Let’s hope those hooks are structurally sound. Living this far from a Tim Hortons leaves much to be desired. Actually… between this site and this one, I’m learning that the longest it could possibly take me to … Continue reading