Midnight Vulture

Why am I writing at 1:19am? I felt it necessary to publicly declare my love for this t-shirt I bought yesterday. The jeans are really good too. I just revised the second sentence for ‘wordiness’ purposes. You can tell I’ve had the grammar-check on while writing this report, as it’s becoming inherent that I fix, fix, fix. Although three “fix”es in a sentence is ‘wordy’ in and of itself. Little known fact: I wouldn’t mind if I died while listening to “Hook” by Blues Traveler. … Continue reading

Oh, DJ Jojo. Where are you when it’s not Saturday morning?

There’s this awesome guy in a yellow Corvette who circles the Falls some (all?) nights and, I imagine, pops one giant boner after another as people turn their heads to look at his car. The great thing is, Miklos and Pearl noticed him last year, and the guy still takes the same route around the Falls. He also looks around and around as he drives at an appropriate speed to make sure everyone is taking an envious glance at his high-performance ‘wheels’. This guy is … Continue reading

Songs & Stories: This Week

Mean Mad Margaret – Spoon Sent this to my nana, whose name is Margaret, and who oddly enough has always told us to “kill them with kindness”. (Ahh advice never heeded.) Odder still that my awesome nana uses email and MSN, I’d say. Before You Leave – Joel Plaskett/Thrush Hermit I find it really difficult to get over how cool the guitar sounds in this. Also, there’s a pretty cool video of Joel playing it on an acoustic while kind of tipsy (and on the … Continue reading

I’m a strong dead man who’s only looking out for himself

Well, I just heard it on the old cabbagey-smelling bus ride home and decided. The song to start springtime is unofficially: Tuff Ghost by the Unicorns I need a workplace Health & Safety related topic to write a paper on! I’ve got no idea what to write about, and I need something with kind of a narrow scope… the kind of narrow that still fits into five (5) pages worth of writing. Suggestions, plz. Off to enjoy spring! Share the post “I’m a strong dead … Continue reading

Stop Thinking

Latest pet peeve: When you ask me for advice, I give you advice, then you tell me why it won’t work. So I take the extreme opposite of that advice, which I suppose you have pre-decided on anyhow, and say “Well, do that then,” and you still don’t agree with that. Then, I try to reach some middle ground, and I advise that instead, and you also disagree with that. You do not need my help. You need a counsellor. Or someone to take care … Continue reading

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