Busy busy bee

Things are hectic. Between working two jobs and setting up a business plan, I’ve failed a good friend: Danner. I barely update lately! So in apology, I give him this blog entry. The Price is Right has the unrelenting power to make a person who works two jobs still feel horribly under-employed. Time to pick up a third job and second business plan. Pearl says The Invention of Lying is a good movie. She told us most of the plot today, so I’m not sure … Continue reading


Quebec, at least the part of it I’ve been to as of this weekend, is beautifully scenic. Not horribly scenic by any means. I officially have a ‘Hang in There’ kitty on my wall in calendar form this month. This can only mean good things. Or at least that I’ll try to maintain some sanity. Rare is the day that I’m not out in the evening, and as such, I barely get to watch Jeopardy anymore. Miklos is hard, hard, hard at work, so I … Continue reading


It’s Gasoline Price Hike Season again, and I will never, ever understand why there are regulations on the sale of just about everything, except for gas, which gets to be whatever price the oil giants want it to be, even though it should really be about 20-25 cents less per litre than we’re paying. I made a surprisingly good Earl Grey tea just now. Although I don’t like the tone in which this article is written, you get the gist. Basically, Governor General Michaelle Jean … Continue reading

There’s a man waiting to take me to something that I’m ‘for’

Karl has convinced me that Live At Massey Hall is worth picking up. How? “Champions of Nothing” live, on loop, for 30 minutes. (That’s only the song’s elapsed play three times over, by the way, so it’s not that much.) Sure why not. Actually, it’s going on the Christmas List. I’ve spent enough money in the past 5 days or so. I should’ve started making this list 6 days ago. Don Rickles has made the Shit List as of tonight. That makes me sad because … Continue reading

Should’ve been in marketing instead…

Formula for a Rogers commercial: One of the four characters, usually a guy, is intrigued by a new device or service that another of the four rich kids has picked up this month. The guy or girl who owns the new Rogers device/service summarizes its innovative new features. Guy/girl listening sounds impressed. One of the two more popular guys (never the East Indian guy who may or may not have been on Renegade Press; usually the dorky white guy), does something goofy. Better looking hipster … Continue reading


I’ve been stupid for a long time. There’s no denying that. For a long time I thought it was due to secondhand (and once, firsthand) inhalation of pot smoke. I thought it might have instilled in me whatever the young person’s version of Alzheimers is, because my attention span became next to nil. And because a man of science insisted to me (many times over) that even smoking it once can cause the brain to function differently. Even today, just over two years later … … Continue reading

BJ Novak for the win. Anybody with the name BJ, for that matter, deserves a lot of props. I can only imagine the childhood taunting. Unless for his handle he was hailed as a hero. In which case, you know what, you kids really disgust me. Shit. I’m sorry to hear he was on Punk’d. That’s unfortunate. But I really do like BJ Novak. Share the post “” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Good morning. I thought I would list my most enjoyed television programs, in no order of relevance. Antiques Roadshow Survivor Flip That House American Idol (auditions only plz) I’m going to see butterflies today. I hope my camera battery doesn’t die (as it often does since it made its fall into a bowl of water), because if it doesn’t, I will again have pictures to show that aren’t of cats! Share the post “” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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