And then there were 3… cats, I mean.

Miklos found a kitten in the woods (or rather, some old men found her but couldn’t keep her). After suggesting what seemed like a dictionary of names for a tortoiseshell kitten with an exceptionally friendly and energetic personality for a cat who’d been left in the woods for at least a couple of days, we settled on Mix, or Mixi (for now). We took her in for an examination Saturday morning after the market, where the veterinarian let us look through the microscope at the … Continue reading

Rather shoot myself in the foot.

Dan and I came up with the very feasible idea of writing Joel Plaskett a letter asking him to perform in my backyard (should I ever get one) and sweetening the deal by inserting a “fiver” into the envelope. You’re invited, should this idea ever come to pass. I really like this “not being in school” part of my life. I could start to get used to it. And maybe I will, after next semester finishes. I’d like to never be in school again. Of … Continue reading

Here’s what I’m at:

Reading John Tesh’s Intelligence For Your Life website at 2am. Returning a crab today because the pet store lied to me about what living conditions it needs… cool! Hope all the other people who bought them also do their own research before their pets die. Waiting for my essay to be graded (we’re not expecting aces, kids) Anticipating the next season of Survivor and America’s Next Top Model because I’m at a loss for shows that rob my mind of all thought Hoping to go … Continue reading

Good morning. I thought I would list my most enjoyed television programs, in no order of relevance. Antiques Roadshow Survivor Flip That House American Idol (auditions only plz) I’m going to see butterflies today. I hope my camera battery doesn’t die (as it often does since it made its fall into a bowl of water), because if it doesn’t, I will again have pictures to show that aren’t of cats! Share the post “” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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