Up on the Roof

Strange skies lately. Miklos beckoned for me to bring my ‘good’ camera (he knows I’ve been too fascinated with Instagram lately) and get this picture through our window. ¬†Yes, it has screen texture, but one [I] might say that adds to it [and that there was no other view of this part of the sky from our property]. Share the post “Up on the Roof” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

RIP Dead Car

It happened without careening, which came as a surprise. Waiting all day for what was to become my Friday the 13th, I did at one point envision myself in a horrific car crash (I’m not crazy, I just am seriously crazy). ¬†Not usually too superstitious, it had been a relatively calm week so I expected this traditionally ‘unlucky’ day would be the one where something came crashing down. ¬†My eye began to twitch, unrelated, hours earlier and had not taken a rest from it since. ‚Ķ Continue reading

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