The Masked Magician Unmasked

Was anyone impressed when this happened? ¬†I remember a lot of disappointed kids the next day at school after Valentino revealed he’d been the man behind the mask all along. ¬†Leave your thoughts in the comments. Even if you don’t, I am kind of interested to see who still scours Google (aside from me) for Val Valentino 14 years later. Share the post “The Masked Magician Unmasked” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

Hey North Carolina

This made me upset. ¬†I’m trying to elaborate but I have no¬†few words. ¬†To anyone who has ever had the nerve to think it is OK to control the lives of millions of people they’ve never even met, you need to let people do what they want. ¬†They’re not hurting anyone being in love, so tolerate¬†in the 21st Century already. Share the post “Hey North Carolina” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

Yay! Distraction! Supermoon for President!

I am not very talky lately, but here’s something to distract us all from our woes til I get my originality back: ¬†Supermoon is coming! ¬†Will his girlfriend, Lois Lune, make an appearance too? We’ll see. ¬†This Saturday, May 5, watch out for a big bright moon as it is at its closest point to the earth. ¬†I love it, so you should too. ¬†Supermoon! Share the post “Yay! Distraction! Supermoon for President!” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

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