Free & Easy Cat Hammock Bed DIY

Cats love to sleep.  One common bed you’ve probably seen at SPCAs and cat rescues is the cat hammock.  When I saw this cat hammock on Pinterest today, I thought “what a great idea for a cat hammock at home.” We had tried putting them in Casey’s old crate before, but for some reason the cats didn’t like the idea of walking into a metal cage.  Maybe I could’ve thought that one through better. So I thought, good idea!  A cozy option they’ll enjoy without … Continue reading

Grey Whales Population Booming

I was happy to read this today.  From the Weather Network: So far this year, Mexican authorities have counted 1,198 whale calves and 523 adults, a steep rise from the 599 counted in 2011 and the 183 counted in 2010. The whale count is the highest it has been since 1996, when a total of 2,721 gray whales were counted by environmental authorities. Between 2007 and February 2012, the government estimates that approximately 3,553 gray whales were born in Mexican waters. The whales breed in … Continue reading


One of my favourite animals, the Amur leopard, is (in captivity, at least) making some headway in population restoration. These cats in the wild have a population of about 30-35 known.  I’ve been lucky enough to see one in captivity at a local zoo; despite people’s conflicting thoughts on zoos, I’d be sad if they died out before I ever got to see one, and they’re clearly flourishing better in captivity than in the wild.  Just a few years ago with the release of the … Continue reading

Pink River Dolphin: Not as cute as you’d pink

I was reading up on the river dolphin (because that’s what I do when I finally have days off coming and/or when Wii Fit tells me to take a break or else it’s possible I will develop chest pains/arm tingling).  So anyway, they’re a pretty bland species, except that there are PINK ones.  Immediately, I did a Google Image search.  Almost as immediately,  I realized that living things that are pink always just look rather fleshy and not as fun as their colour would suggest … Continue reading

Sad Panda

I’m really not okay with this. Endangered Bengal tigers among those killed after escaping from Ohio zoo I understand, yes, the police were not trained to deal with the tigers any other way.  Surely though, there were people who were. Animal control, or, failing that, someone with more wild life expertise that the animal control people could’ve called.  I realize it was a critical situation.  It just seems sad and stupid and wrong for them not to have even tried to do anything other than … Continue reading