Johnny Depp is a King Among Men

No, Johnny! I do NOT need more reasons to love you!  Get outta here! In 1994, Depp was staying at a fancy New York hotel and completely wrecked his room. Like, furniture everywhere, broken glass, the works. Roger Daltrey (lead singer of The Who) was staying in the room next door and complained of the noise Depp was making. When police arrived at the scene, there was a smashed glass coffee-table and other destroyed, mangled furniture in the $1200-a-night suite. Depp, however, claimed that an … Continue reading

Get offa my mountain!

I am probably an awful person for finding this story so funny. Mountain man terrifying Utah cabin owners. I guess it’s less funny when it’s not happening to you, and/or more funny when you currently wake up three times a night to check on your car and see if you need to chase anyone down the street with your old closet rod.  Ah, good old relateable news. Share the post “Get offa my mountain!” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Two Things

Before I fell asleep, I remembered two things that gave me ha-has and I felt the need to share them with you.  One’s old, one’s newer. Rob Delaney’s letter to Katy Perry Crazy kicking dance girl meme Both are worth your clicks.  I remember us impersonating the kicking girl at our college cafeteria the one time.  None of us could get it right.  Can YOU? Time for late morning coffee. Share the post “Two Things” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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