Noma Noma Noma

Carpal tunnel’s setting in, so I will be blunt. The lasagna we ate tonight was very good, even though it was hospital lasagna.  And I didn’t even have to be hospitalized to have it.  So there it is.  Miracles do happen. Share the post “Noma Noma Noma” FacebookTwitterShareā€¦ Continue reading

A List of Hates

I try (in more recent years) not to be entirely negative. A lot of you who are closer to me will admit that I am usually a happy person but I do have a cynical outlook on much of life, probably caused by being an overachiever but never really achieving anything tangible or impressive. I expect a lot sometimes, but usually only from the things I put a good amount of effort into on my own, which this August are many things, with few results. ā€¦ Continue reading

Realizations in Life:

Old people have money because they are done paying their debts and thus can actually keep their money earned/received. In that, I am nowhere near old yet. We got business cards and I like them so much that it kills me inside to hand them out because they’re really great quality. I told my dad to take some to work. At first he split the pile so he had almost 1/3 of them. I said “NO NO! Not that many!!” Do I want to admire ā€¦ Continue reading


It’s 1am. It’s ladybug season. It’s also the season where your superintendent decides it’s O.K. to go into your apartment without prior vocal or written consent. I’m getting really, really stressed out. I can honestly say, aside from job hunting, I’ve not felt this stretched thin mentally in a while. We’ve never missed a rent payment, never been late, always done everything right in this place, and the people who run the show in this building are being supremely ridiculous toward us all of a ā€¦ Continue reading

Children of the I Has a Corm

I’ve been killing time reading Blind Gossip items. Debating whether or not to dye my hair and cut the bangs. I think that’ll all wait til autumn. August sucks, except that it seems to actually be June. It’s muggier than my kitchen cupboards out there. Where the hell can I buy pumpkin spice?! I need a smoothie. Share the post “Children of the I Has a Corm” FacebookTwitterShareā€¦ Continue reading

Naked, and carping along

Q: Nikki, wherever did you come up with the brilliant domain name Well, the dot-com boom began just over a decade ago when… oh, you mean the actual name bit. I was thinking about this the other night, and I can’t quite remember. All I know is we were driving along on Moyer and whichever road becomes East Main Street at the very edge of Niagara Falls and Welland, and I somehow put those two words together and decided I was bored of my ā€¦ Continue reading

Stop Thinking

Latest pet peeve: When you ask me for advice, I give you advice, then you tell me why it won’t work. So I take the extreme opposite of that advice, which I suppose you have pre-decided on anyhow, and say “Well, do that then,” and you still don’t agree with that. Then, I try to reach some middle ground, and I advise that instead, and you also disagree with that. You do not need my help. You need a counsellor. Or someone to take care ā€¦ Continue reading

Angry, angry, angry. Hot chocolate isn’t helping. Nothing truly bad even happened. This is all a product of the last week of the month. Oh, and that must mean tomorrow is Seniors Day. Why not! Come one, come all. Jesse taught me how to do HDR shots yesterday. Then I taught my Nana. It’s not fair that whenever I try to read, I fall asleep. Something must be seriously wrong with my health (for the past 12 years). Share the post “” FacebookTwitterShareā€¦ Continue reading

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