The 1000th ‘Tweet’ Cometh

It puzzles me to find that I am approaching 1000 ‘tweets’ on Twitter. Why? Because I have ‘tweeted’ nearly 1000 things, only the last two ‘tweets’ of which I can remember. Of course many of those were probably ‘retweets’ of interesting news and comical things people also ‘tweeted’, so it wasn’t all for naught. I just thought I’d give you fair warning. The 1000th ‘tweet’ cometh, and, baby, it gon’ be REAL. Share the post “The 1000th ‘Tweet’ Cometh” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Realizations in Life:

Old people have money because they are done paying their debts and thus can actually keep their money earned/received. In that, I am nowhere near old yet. We got business cards and I like them so much that it kills me inside to hand them out because they’re really great quality. I told my dad to take some to work. At first he split the pile so he had almost 1/3 of them. I said “NO NO! Not that many!!” Do I want to admire … Continue reading

Children of the I Has a Corm

I’ve been killing time reading Blind Gossip items. Debating whether or not to dye my hair and cut the bangs. I think that’ll all wait til autumn. August sucks, except that it seems to actually be June. It’s muggier than my kitchen cupboards out there. Where the hell can I buy pumpkin spice?! I need a smoothie. Share the post “Children of the I Has a Corm” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

A Reason for the Season

One: If you don’t believe things happen for a reason, you are a jerk.Two: My stomach feels like I didn’t eat. Well, there’s no eating at this unholy hour, that’s for sure.Three: Speaking of eating, I don’t love to eat sausage as much as I used to.Four: Is my favourite number, for whatever reasons humans have favourite numbers.Five: Poems with silly pictures drawn on them from your boyfriend, which are left on your whiteboard and you don’t find them until many hours (and sometimes days) … Continue reading


Whenever people meet me, and subsequently meet my blog, they try blogging. It’s this thing they do. And no one ever has the staying power. And lately, I, too, am losing my lustre. When life gets happy, the stories, they get boring. But worry not, kids. I’ll be back in school in just two short months, and as such, I’ll be as miserable and tormented as ever before! There are people who blog about 80x a week, out there. Why do people want to read … Continue reading

This is it, here we go

Listen, Jim. This is a beautiful life. The life of a student on vacation just working and quickly getting poorer by the second. (You do not need to buy this you do not need to buy that STOP BUYING THINGS!) Reading, writing, recycling because no one else goes to the parking garage as often as you do. Burning gasoline to see your family. Preaching conservation and leaving the water on while you shave in the shower. Too hot with sweater, too cold without sweater. This … Continue reading

Plans and Sleep

You ever look at a play-on-words so many times that the real word looks downright out of place the next time you see it? (Probably not.) Tonight, reading Vonnegut’s introduction to Bagombo Snuff Box, I came across the word “comatose”. Just looks weird to me now. The drive-in is fun. It is one of few situations where a station wagon dominates a much sexier car. Any car you can lie down in the back of on a pile of blankets and pillows to watch three … Continue reading

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