Real Estate… Agent Maaaan

Tonight: Investigated area of fire I noticed happening last night between Towpath Rd. and Highway 406 While investigating, observing the hollow area that seemed to lie beyond the otherwise apparent forest and noting the overpowering smell of something burned, we almost took a nosedive off the side of the road and into a creek lying a good distance below the level of the road 30 minutes later, avoided near-collision with both a raccoon and a guardrail (kudos to Miklos‘s fancy footwork there; AAPEX Driving Academy … Continue reading

Rebel L

Hey, I’m supposed to get up at like… oh, I dunno, 9am and shower and proceed working on my macadamia academic assignment thing, but man. It’s just not feeling like bedtime yet. Sure, my eyelids are like 10 pound weights (and in eyelid weight, that’s like benching a small elephant), but I feel like there’s just so much to catch up on. Like uploading some new photos for once, and linking you to because we got to try out a 20mm lens his friend … Continue reading

I don’t know, Ron. That sounds a little crazy.

Yeah so I should really take a couple days out of having fun per week to do assignments and homework. Life is not supposed to be this good, apparently, at least not while you’re in school for less than one more month. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I’ve been at it for two days straight and I am still way, way behind. …Ew. This guy on House is not pretty. Brazil nuts, eh? So yeah, Twitter is the latest distraction for just about everyone. Texting the very latest thought … Continue reading

Today was a nice taste of springtime in February. Temporary, yet so very right. I got to remember what it was like to wear a jacket instead of a coat. Amazing. I got to walk around on the snowless sidewalks wearing flats and no socks. The best! I can’t wait for this to be all the time again. And if snow is so deadly, why does it only take a little warmth to zap it all away? You have to hate the irony of that. … Continue reading

Plans and Sleep

You ever look at a play-on-words so many times that the real word looks downright out of place the next time you see it? (Probably not.) Tonight, reading Vonnegut’s introduction to Bagombo Snuff Box, I came across the word “comatose”. Just looks weird to me now. The drive-in is fun. It is one of few situations where a station wagon dominates a much sexier car. Any car you can lie down in the back of on a pile of blankets and pillows to watch three … Continue reading

"Finding happiness in failure": The opposite of "talking shit about a pretty sunset."

Oh hi. If you’ve just found me now, well I sure am good at keeping secrets. Or, as it were, at eventually disclosing them. Yet another thing I’m good at is failing miserably at interviewing for jobs. I also succeed at accepting the rejection calls the HR directors (or their lackeys) make to me shortly after. I’ve got to hand it to them; at least they’re prompt with their rejection. Which reminds me, I’ve got an interview tomorrow. And I’m learning things. You know, just … Continue reading

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