The Crazy Cat Lady

I’m reading all about introducing cats to each other today. Mixi and Jane pretty much hate each other, and Rico has never been a fan of other cats. So upon this upcoming merge, we may find ourselves in a pretty pickle. Oh, kitties. I need a farm. Going to conduct a social experiment based on this site. I will be recording every transaction I witness. Good info here too. This is good too, even though it’s not about housing cats in any way. Watch about … Continue reading

We went to the monkey/lion/three-legged jaguar place (no one cares about the parrots) yesterday. We saw no animals, but we did see a big forest with thin wire fencing around it and a bunch of signs basically telling us to go away. Amazing! Finally, this place is picking up a little. Mixi woke me up to cuddle at 9 this morning. She’s getting fatter by the day, but no less bitchy. I like her. My diet lately consists of coffee and peanut butter cups. Share … Continue reading

It’s so different out here

So we’re back from up north. What a great place, where the only thing you’re blowing a tonne of money on is gasoline. It’s nice not to be surrounded by products and crazy people, but rather by trees and crazy people you enjoy spending time with. Adding pictures to Flickr periodically for the next day or two. There is nothing like a nice hike to simultaneously clear your mind and fill it with wonder. What a good trip. Back to grumbling when I wake up. … Continue reading

Sans-Labour Day

We went to the Marshville Festival for our day off. It was fun. All the useless crap people sell there makes me want to open a booth at a trade show. A booth comprised of anything! One place made really good wood carvings, and wasn’t even selling any of them. Amazing. Creating things simply for the enjoyment of it, not for business… who does that anymore? Speaking of working for nothing, the frantic job search continues tomorrow. Going to change the name on my resume … Continue reading

(You had to be there) AKA (For my own memory’s sake)

Hidden and periodically updated notes; I did a similar “Note to Self” type memo when I was 8; I found it when I was around 15 and laughed at how ghey I was. “It smells like a pencil…” “What kind of tree is that?” “A weed maple.” “Hey, Larry David! Can you sign my arm?” *Randy signs arm ‘RANDY’, shrugs and walks away* Better get to bed. Work in the morning again. Ugh. Life. Share the post “(You had to be there) AKA (For my … Continue reading

Better hurry…

What a bargain! When I was 17, my friends and I used to ‘ghost-hunt’. It was a fun way to stay up late, scare the (figurative, in my case) crap out of ourselves, and the stories we ended up with would last each of us a lifetime. And those ghosthunts were all for FREE! So just think what kind of shit you’ll be able to tell those willing to listen to you for the price of two Canada’s Wonderland tickets and an experience involving absolutely … Continue reading


I have this tendency to laugh like hell when I’m in high-drama situations. And not a nervous giggly laugh. More like a haughty and amused laugh of adrenaline, accompanied by a large and overbearing smile which is probably scary and/or confusing to those around me. Honestly, I’m sure I prefer it to the other options people face — panic attacks, fainting, rage leading to violence, utopian bliss, nausea, heartburn, indigestion — I’m just not quite sure where I came to develop this sort of reaction. … Continue reading

And then there were 3… cats, I mean.

Miklos found a kitten in the woods (or rather, some old men found her but couldn’t keep her). After suggesting what seemed like a dictionary of names for a tortoiseshell kitten with an exceptionally friendly and energetic personality for a cat who’d been left in the woods for at least a couple of days, we settled on Mix, or Mixi (for now). We took her in for an examination Saturday morning after the market, where the veterinarian let us look through the microscope at the … Continue reading

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