Real Estate… Agent Maaaan

Tonight: Investigated area of fire I noticed happening last night between Towpath Rd. and Highway 406 While investigating, observing the hollow area that seemed to lie beyond the otherwise apparent forest and noting the overpowering smell of something burned, we almost took a nosedive off the side of the road and into a creek lying a good distance below the level of the road 30 minutes later, avoided near-collision with both a raccoon and a guardrail (kudos to Miklos‘s fancy footwork there; AAPEX Driving Academy … Continue reading

Up at 5:30am, drive home from Welland, drive back to Welland upon mother’s request, stress out a while over lack of laundry done, lunch, wedding, Ellie tribute, sleep, market, nap, drive, movie night at my second home, sleep, lunch, work, photo run to Hamilton with Miklos, hometime. I’m forgetting a lot. It’s been a busy weekend (especially that nap part). Listen, I’m going to bed. More tomorrow. Share the post “” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Here comes "2"…!

Something special is about to happen. Tune in, tune in.And if it’s already happened by the time you read this, hello! Welcome to the future! Cool jumping pic from tonight I’m almost tempted to post the retarded looking outtakes, but I’ll spare myself the embarrassment. One retarded picture should suffice. Share the post “Here comes "2"…!” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

But yeah so no.

Boston Pizza tonight with Miklos. A crazy old bag lady with a shopping cart from Zellers came in the door at the same time we did, and dazedly wheeled herself into the washroom for the exact duration of time we spent there. The waitresses joked that we could take her home now, since she clearly came in with us. “Yeah, that’s my mom…” I said, later joking that I’d text her and get her outta there. A towel on your head is no way to … Continue reading

You know maps are antiquated when…

I had a pretty good day. It started off with missing class and ended off with a silly prank and a skinny Avondale kid awkwardly reading off a map and making the lot of us laugh at his nerdiness. [Ah, so much you would’ve enjoyed. Why does everything strike me that way now?] The test went great. At least I plan to think so until I get the results back. And I got 100% on an assignment from last week. And I think I’m going … Continue reading

Foxy Brown

I keep seeing my fox, running around in that field on that same road. I love that little guy (or girl). By “keep” I mean that I’ve now seen him (/her) twice on drives with Miki. I want to hug that fox. This time I noticed his (/her) eyes glowing in the pitch black from god knows how far away. So far away, that Miklos did not believe me at first. But then I proved, as I am wont to do, that I am the … Continue reading

Embracing the Midweek Weekend

Shockingly, school’s going great. I got a nice, swift rejection from a company for an interview that I went to a week or so ago, but not because I wasn’t great. (They said I was great!) Actually, they’ve had to re-evaluate their department headcount (which means hiring freeze in real people terms), so for now, they can’t hire me on. They would like me to call back around March though, and we can discuss what can be done then, because they really, really liked me. … Continue reading

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