Less Than Incredible Tales from Next-door

We’ve moved in to our new house and become observers of unusual phenomena.  From the strange pipe sticking out of the one neighbour’s house that at irregular intervals splashes out a tonne of water into their front yard from who-knows-where, to the older gal who orders a cab at least once a day only to sit in her driveway in it for 15-20 minutes, to the massive heaps of dog poo lying in the driveway of the same lady’s driveway where they keep their 3 … Continue reading

You’ll have to forgive me; I’ve never been anywhere.

Big news! Miklos and I are going to Hungary in April! This still really hasn’t sunk in for me. Except that tomorrow when I wake up, I’m positive I’ll realize the reality of it. I’ve never been on a big plane; I’ve never seen the ocean, let alone crossed it; I’ve never been in a total state of culture shock; I’ve never been in a country where I have so little a realistic idea of what to expect, except for what someone has told me. … Continue reading

It’s so different out here

So we’re back from up north. What a great place, where the only thing you’re blowing a tonne of money on is gasoline. It’s nice not to be surrounded by products and crazy people, but rather by trees and crazy people you enjoy spending time with. Adding pictures to Flickr periodically for the next day or two. There is nothing like a nice hike to simultaneously clear your mind and fill it with wonder. What a good trip. Back to grumbling when I wake up. … Continue reading

Baby’s 1st Phobia

So here it is, my one unexplainable and recently-revealed fear: Going to the gym. No idea where this stems from. Possibly because the last year of gym class I ever had in school was spent with a healing broken nose; possibly because my knees are shot at the tender age of 25 (they have been since … say, the even tenderer age of 18); possibly because of nothing. I can confirm that the reason is not: Self-esteem issues A desire to be enormous Freemason conspiracy … Continue reading

Sans-Labour Day

We went to the Marshville Festival for our day off. It was fun. All the useless crap people sell there makes me want to open a booth at a trade show. A booth comprised of anything! One place made really good wood carvings, and wasn’t even selling any of them. Amazing. Creating things simply for the enjoyment of it, not for business… who does that anymore? Speaking of working for nothing, the frantic job search continues tomorrow. Going to change the name on my resume … Continue reading

Thanks for the fab painting of Yours Truly. I hung it on me wall.

Miklos is now selling prints. He’s really good, so I think you should check them out and show them to anyone you know who has a bare wall they’d like to spruce up with a couple photos. He’s also good for naturally-lit portraits, baby photos, and monumental events like 80th birthdays and bar mitzvahs. Even though the word ‘bar mitzvah’ is a giggle-maker to the non-celebrators, I am entirely serious. Contact either him or me if interested. On the weekends and weeknights, he’s even willing … Continue reading

District 9

Not to knock District 9, but both before and after District 9 were better than District 9. But District 9 was okay for a silly alien flick. I guess. Although I think I slept through most of District 9. It’s 4 months til Christmas, god help us. Share the post “District 9” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

You’re the devil in me

We’re going to see District 9 tonight, which I know nothing about, except that there’s something about aliens (or Mary) involved in it. I’ll do it because Miklos’s sister is a peach and we have movie passes because of her. Went for sushi with Heather today for the first time in a while. It was refreshing, although we didn’t get to go to Sushi Jade because it’s now something of a condemned building instead of a restaurant. Which I kind of expected, after the last … Continue reading