Sans-Labour Day

We went to the Marshville Festival for our day off. It was fun. All the useless crap people sell there makes me want to open a booth at a trade show. A booth comprised of anything! One place made really good wood carvings, and wasn’t even selling any of them. Amazing. Creating things simply for the enjoyment of it, not for business… who does that anymore? Speaking of working for nothing, the frantic job search continues tomorrow. Going to change the name on my resume … Continue reading

Thanks for the fab painting of Yours Truly. I hung it on me wall.

Miklos is now selling prints. He’s really good, so I think you should check them out and show them to anyone you know who has a bare wall they’d like to spruce up with a couple photos. He’s also good for naturally-lit portraits, baby photos, and monumental events like 80th birthdays and bar mitzvahs. Even though the word ‘bar mitzvah’ is a giggle-maker to the non-celebrators, I am entirely serious. Contact either him or me if interested. On the weekends and weeknights, he’s even willing … Continue reading

District 9

Not to knock District 9, but both before and after District 9 were better than District 9. But District 9 was okay for a silly alien flick. I guess. Although I think I slept through most of District 9. It’s 4 months til Christmas, god help us. Share the post “District 9” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

You’re the devil in me

We’re going to see District 9 tonight, which I know nothing about, except that there’s something about aliens (or Mary) involved in it. I’ll do it because Miklos’s sister is a peach and we have movie passes because of her. Went for sushi with Heather today for the first time in a while. It was refreshing, although we didn’t get to go to Sushi Jade because it’s now something of a condemned building instead of a restaurant. Which I kind of expected, after the last … Continue reading

(You had to be there) AKA (For my own memory’s sake)

Hidden and periodically updated notes; I did a similar “Note to Self” type memo when I was 8; I found it when I was around 15 and laughed at how ghey I was. “It smells like a pencil…” “What kind of tree is that?” “A weed maple.” “Hey, Larry David! Can you sign my arm?” *Randy signs arm ‘RANDY’, shrugs and walks away* Better get to bed. Work in the morning again. Ugh. Life. Share the post “(You had to be there) AKA (For my … Continue reading

A Cigarette in Bed; or a Cookie, for Non-Smokers

It was a very gloom-and-doom weekend at the island, at least as much as an island on the border of Ontario and Quebec can be gloom-doomy. Allow me for a moment to be more specific: The sky spent a lot of time pissing down rain. One bad omen was a horrible accident that had happened on the 400S the morning we departed for the island; a tractor trailer and a small car collided, spilling 400 litres of diesel on the highway and killing at least … Continue reading

And then there were 3… cats, I mean.

Miklos found a kitten in the woods (or rather, some old men found her but couldn’t keep her). After suggesting what seemed like a dictionary of names for a tortoiseshell kitten with an exceptionally friendly and energetic personality for a cat who’d been left in the woods for at least a couple of days, we settled on Mix, or Mixi (for now). We took her in for an examination Saturday morning after the market, where the veterinarian let us look through the microscope at the … Continue reading

I don’t play baby games.

An empty Tim Hortons cup sits on my desk, to the left of my computer and to the Southeast of my phone. This is a cue for me to make a tea. I enjoy a good Earl Grey tea these days. I also enjoy ‘paying back’ my sleep debt. One day Miklos is going to pay back his sleep debt too, but his case will be much more Van Winkle than mine (minus all the tragedy). When he awakes, there will be mugs and mugs … Continue reading

Burning bridges and it feels so good…

Miklos agrees with me that there’s something definitely askew with that part of the highway in the rain where I almost went out of control today. Which is good because it means that I can still know him. Also good: Cranberry juice. And those square wafer cookies that are covered in a layer of chocolate. Man, that’s good. Apparently we had them at the island all weekend and I was none the wiser. Next time, Island. Fool me once, shame on you. What’s with summer … Continue reading


Quebec, at least the part of it I’ve been to as of this weekend, is beautifully scenic. Not horribly scenic by any means. I officially have a ‘Hang in There’ kitty on my wall in calendar form this month. This can only mean good things. Or at least that I’ll try to maintain some sanity. Rare is the day that I’m not out in the evening, and as such, I barely get to watch Jeopardy anymore. Miklos is hard, hard, hard at work, so I … Continue reading

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