Meh, gotta nuke something.

I smell food and now I’m hungry. I have so much reviewing to do tonight, as well as a presentation to memorize, which just isn’t going to happen, really. Worked and reviewed all weekend. Oh well! I never wanted a life anyway. Oh, and I think my dad finally believes me that the car needs serious help. It may have stalled on him 80 times in the process of him driving it to their place to get it looked at tomorrow. I’ll have to ask. … Continue reading

You can be an asshole too!

Do not: Tell me the whole grain bread you have is on sale when I know it’s not, and then ask me in an old Italian man accent “Why your computers not updated for the sale?” and then look caught in a lie when my coworker comes back and says “It was another kind of bread, not this one”, and then do not hand me an unsigned credit card to pay for the substitute sale bread (and your various other sale items) and then get … Continue reading

"Finding happiness in failure": The opposite of "talking shit about a pretty sunset."

Oh hi. If you’ve just found me now, well I sure am good at keeping secrets. Or, as it were, at eventually disclosing them. Yet another thing I’m good at is failing miserably at interviewing for jobs. I also succeed at accepting the rejection calls the HR directors (or their lackeys) make to me shortly after. I’ve got to hand it to them; at least they’re prompt with their rejection. Which reminds me, I’ve got an interview tomorrow. And I’m learning things. You know, just … Continue reading

3 Down, 3 to Go; That Equals Half-Done

Made an ass of myself at an interview today (you know, just being me). Probably never getting a co-op, but at least if all else fails I can work for a friend for less than pennies an hour. That’s right, kids (assuming I have readers, plural). Free. The only thing I’ll be banking is a whole lot of unpaid hours. I seem bitter, but it will provide some valuable experience, believe you me. Or burn up some co-op hours. Either way, it’s good. Just wish … Continue reading

Over it.

So let’s face it. It’s eight months off from this nightmare life, and it starts in two weeks. Except for, you know, the retail component of it all. But even that can be remedied. Come end of exams, it’s more hard work. Moving house and then finding a full time job whether it’s a co-op or not, outside of the many-shades-of-grey retail spectrum. Here it comes! Whatever happens, all it needs to do is pay down some wasn’t-worth-it student debt. Solid. Tonight’s full of Stats! … Continue reading

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