Busy busy bee

Things are hectic. Between working two jobs and setting up a business plan, I’ve failed a good friend: Danner. I barely update lately! So in apology, I give him this blog entry. The Price is Right has the unrelenting power to make a person who works two jobs still feel horribly under-employed. Time to pick up a third job and second business plan. Pearl says The Invention of Lying is a good movie. She told us most of the plot today, so I’m not sure … Continue reading

My car is a birdshit magnet.

I can smell my feet. This will need to be remedied before (second) work (of the day). I really want to go up north in the next few weeks. Up north in the fall is the best. Colours, colours! And sweaters, sweaters! My feet really smell, wow. I should try showering one day. And coffee that isn’t burnt would be a great start too. Today I put all my stuff at Work 1 in my locker, and then locked a different one. Ha-ha. Won’t be … Continue reading

Sans-Labour Day

We went to the Marshville Festival for our day off. It was fun. All the useless crap people sell there makes me want to open a booth at a trade show. A booth comprised of anything! One place made really good wood carvings, and wasn’t even selling any of them. Amazing. Creating things simply for the enjoyment of it, not for business… who does that anymore? Speaking of working for nothing, the frantic job search continues tomorrow. Going to change the name on my resume … Continue reading

This is getting old.

At times, people have a strange sickness about them when they enter a store in need of a product. All their insecurities seem to fade, and all ‘normal’ behaviour is kicked temporarily to the curb before they must again face the world outside the shop that houses the product they require. Today’s incident involved an elderly woman who insisted to me that someone had told her she could have a product for 20% off, as it wasn’t available a few weeks ago when we had … Continue reading

Holiday, celebrate…

Canada Day was a big hit! Must bike more often. Much more fun and much less expensive than driving aimlessly. And my legs feel a bit toned. Heavens! So, I keep learning terrible words in Hungarian. The only wholesome ones I think I know are the ones for cat, dog, dad and mom. But even “mom” can be turned into “your mom”. Time to get serious! Seniors will filter into my work tonight and complain that there is no freebie for them if they spend … Continue reading

China’s not the same as Chinatown

It’s COLD. What is happening here! /mild freak-out A fat, dirty, slimebucketly man stole a Toblerone chocolate bar tonight at my store when he thought no one was looking. But I was looking. I was looking as he lifted the back of his unwashed windbreaker jacket and shoved the prism-shaped carton into the ass-crack of his filthy jeans. This was a chocolate bar his debit had declined moments earlier. He then walked up when he felt the coast was clear, and actually paid for a … Continue reading

I need a get-rich-quick scheme. This whole working full time thing probably won’t work out, if I ever get that far. Share the post “” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Five days after I hit the ground…

I’ve never been happier for one day off to come. I don’t have a full weekend, but I do have tomorrow off before 40-ish hours of work (and bonecrushing agony, probably, what with my new foot and leg pains), 32 of which will be spent sans-customers at a new store setting up. Should be less stressful than usual, anyway. Anyway, I don’t care what I do for the next 36 or so hours, as long as none of it involves working. Share the post “Five … Continue reading

Dear Jerk:

If you are going to be snotty, you must at least also be: Smart; or Good looking. Since you fall into neither category, please refrain from using the non-word “irregardless” in my presence ever again. Share the post “Dear Jerk:” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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