Sometimes, I am serious.

I know it’s hard to believe. But I am not always incredibly pleasant. There are several things you cannot suggest to me tell me to do and expect me to roll with. 1) Declawing my cat.2) … Well, that’s all that comes to mind. I have no sense of humour about that and, yes, despite being exceptionally easygoing about just about any other horrible thing you can think of, I cannot even find something remotely cute or funny about turning the mutilation of my cat’s … Continue reading

You know? School (and pardon my saying so) ‘don’t mean shit’ to me right now. Reading Week did wonders. It allowed me time to sleep, time to do a lot of nothing, and time to finally go to the doctor’s office, twice! Now I’m on a mild steroid and the world is my oyster. Lauren and I have been looking at new apartments. None are as good as the one we live in, but we want to save money (god damn it) and this place … Continue reading

Left to get a baked potato, came back for the drama.

Baked potatoes can be microwaved. I feel like a sap for never really thinking about this until tonight. Got sent home from work with whatever viral infection I have. I figure it was their kind way of saying “You look like shit, go home and get some sleep.” I love my work. Remind me to make a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Share the post “Left to get a baked potato, came back for the drama.” FacebookTwitterShare… Continue reading

Reading Week

You have to try a sinus rinse. Shit, do my nasal passages feel clean tonight! I could get used to this. Also good: Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil. Wow! I don’t look like an oil rag! I win. Share the post “Reading Week” FacebookTwitterShare… Continue reading

Post 69. You know what that means. One more and I’ll have made 70 posts!

Family Day went off without a hitch. That is to say, as predicted, I did not see my family at all, although I did call them to make sure my sister was still alive after a scary trip to the hospital last night. [She’s ok. Viral flu.] I managed to clean the entire house and avoid studying until this evening. Tomorrow I set out to appreciate potential employers at an event of tradition at my school, and write the last midterm before Reading Week. And … Continue reading

If you look up when they flip the switches, you can see the smoke from all of my burning bridges

Something my friends and I often say in our disdain is “F my life.”Here, Rico Cat captures that sentiment, and to make it all the more realistic, he is surrounded by the very notes and day-planner that cause this such stress. Two midterms tomorrow, work tomorrow night, two midterms Friday, a prospectus due next week, and a midterm next Tuesday, as well as coordinating the Employer Appreciation Event that night. Thank those crazy Liberals for Family Day. I’ll actually get to study. Share the post … Continue reading


When will I stop feeling as if the people around me are the blandest folks I’ve ever met? I care too little about people to be in Human Resources Management, but I smoke pot too rarely to be in Horticulture. Where do I belong? /pointless Share the post “Drifters” FacebookTwitterShare… Continue reading


I haggled the shit out of (thesaurus says “hammered out a deal with”) a guy today, and my steadfastness went the distance. My bass amplifier with its limited memories and 70 pounds of weight are now gone from my life; replacing it, a small pile of twenty dollar bills which I plan to sleep on tonight. Went to a show last night. I hate to admit it but my professor was half right about something: Ale House beer does taste like piss, but only sometimes. … Continue reading