The Sun Will Not Hug You, in Toronto

When will you stop acting like high school? What happened? Did you get really bored of not being a catty douche? And expecting me to get up early so that you can roll your eyes at me in the comfort of your own home while you pretend you’re contributing to a project that’s been nearly finished by two other group members? That shows nerve, but not nerve enough to tell me what your problem actually is. Make like those immigrants I told off the other … Continue reading

New Camera, Same Fotos

Just prior to work and far prior to rum, I purchased the Canon S5 IS camera that I had wanted for so long. For a while, I was set on instead getting a DSLR, but I figure by the time I’m any good at one of those, there will be better quality ones out there. For now, I’ll stick to a high-end point and shoot that’s half the price. Tomorrow, I speak. I speak for ten minutes in front of a class, and I include … Continue reading

You know? School (and pardon my saying so) ‘don’t mean shit’ to me right now. Reading Week did wonders. It allowed me time to sleep, time to do a lot of nothing, and time to finally go to the doctor’s office, twice! Now I’m on a mild steroid and the world is my oyster. Lauren and I have been looking at new apartments. None are as good as the one we live in, but we want to save money (god damn it) and this place … Continue reading

If you look up when they flip the switches, you can see the smoke from all of my burning bridges

Something my friends and I often say in our disdain is “F my life.”Here, Rico Cat captures that sentiment, and to make it all the more realistic, he is surrounded by the very notes and day-planner that cause this such stress. Two midterms tomorrow, work tomorrow night, two midterms Friday, a prospectus due next week, and a midterm next Tuesday, as well as coordinating the Employer Appreciation Event that night. Thank those crazy Liberals for Family Day. I’ll actually get to study. Share the post … Continue reading


When will I stop feeling as if the people around me are the blandest folks I’ve ever met? I care too little about people to be in Human Resources Management, but I smoke pot too rarely to be in Horticulture. Where do I belong? /pointless Share the post “Drifters” FacebookXShare… Continue reading


There is about this much snow out there right now: (Minus the ice on the trees. There is no ice.) And classes are cancelled.I’m not complaining, but I’m just saying. Really, Niagara College? Same with Brock. Really?? That’s okay. This’ll make 3 weeks in a row that I haven’t had my Organizational Behaviour class, at all. Except for that one time when the substitute came in and gave us the same lecture our prof gave us the first week. Right. Share the post “Really?” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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