That’s a shame.

The college has gotten my goat again, if there was any goat left to be gotten. This time, the library didn’t have even one (1) out of three (3) books recommended for research for an essay worth 15% of my final grade, due this Friday. Fantastic! All I do is laugh. I dreamed this morning that I was in a small hotel room full of bees. I think I bit one. I woke up thinking I should eat a steak a day, and dreading writing … Continue reading

Bring it all back.

So. I think I’ve got this figured out. Everything happens for a reason. Usually that reason is to bleed me dry of any money I thought I still might be entitled to spending on things I actually enjoyed, but anyway. So I’ll finish up this piece of shit program, then I’m moving onward to some other program on which I’ll waste more money. Hopefully, this time it’ll work out! And if it doesn’t, hey, I’m used to post-secondary disappointment; it’s almost a joy to me … Continue reading


Labour Relations is among the most boring things I’ve ever studied, and I haven’t even opened the textbook yet. It’s going to be a long summer. One week and two days til I’m heading North. Share the post “Ew.” FacebookXShare… Continue reading


Sometimes I read the blogs of people I don’t know who my friends know. I think this makes me a giant pervert. Or maybe just a retaliator because they did it first. Whatever the case, I am nearly always hilarious. On a similar note, I must always be kept busy. If I am already busy, I need to be kept busier. There is no such thing as too busy until my brain explodes one day, from what, I will not try and guess. I like … Continue reading


You ever hit Send and then think “Oh shit. I really hit Send, didn’t I”? Yeah, I did that tonight. God, I hate that. Moreover, my program coordinator is about to hate me. Good morning, Program Coordinator! You’ve got mail (if anyone still used AOL)! Nikki is a giant douche, you say! … And so forth. See, I wrote an email to her a few nights ago, but then I drafted it because I wasn’t sure it was appropriate. Upon re-reading it, I decided that … Continue reading

3 Down, 3 to Go; That Equals Half-Done

Made an ass of myself at an interview today (you know, just being me). Probably never getting a co-op, but at least if all else fails I can work for a friend for less than pennies an hour. That’s right, kids (assuming I have readers, plural). Free. The only thing I’ll be banking is a whole lot of unpaid hours. I seem bitter, but it will provide some valuable experience, believe you me. Or burn up some co-op hours. Either way, it’s good. Just wish … Continue reading

Your genitalia gets rave reviews.

I just “made up” with a girl who’s been annoying the fucking shit out of me for a month now.It was just too much to handle, being so consistently angry. So much negativity in an already stressful time. I can’t keep that kind of thing on my head, so I had to talk to her. So, I had a very mature discussion with her, albeit, on MSN, as she’s too scared of me in person. ( Last time I told her to tell me what … Continue reading

The Past, Never Was

It will be so nice. In fact, it is so nice. I have a smart boyfriend, a couple of really good friends (another of whom is moving away), a barrage of people to socialize with and never really commit to, coffee can be mixed with hot chocolate and milk, and money isn’t so tight. All I need’s a new job and to pretend the negative aspects of school (i.e., one bothersome girl) never happened. Then read a Discover magazine and possibly some fiction; maybe take … Continue reading

Over it.

So let’s face it. It’s eight months off from this nightmare life, and it starts in two weeks. Except for, you know, the retail component of it all. But even that can be remedied. Come end of exams, it’s more hard work. Moving house and then finding a full time job whether it’s a co-op or not, outside of the many-shades-of-grey retail spectrum. Here it comes! Whatever happens, all it needs to do is pay down some wasn’t-worth-it student debt. Solid. Tonight’s full of Stats! … Continue reading

Low-Key Birthday

Turns out I suck at bowling again. Still pretty good at having a sore stomach when it’s time to have fun, however. Ellie and I drink strawberry beer and talk about economics and Human Resources. We carry on intelligent conversation without simply being negative and nonsensical, as is the case with any other combination of me and my friends. Oh, Miss Ellie. We’re the real heroes. I’ve always known this education I’m receiving was a bit of a money-grab, but I didn’t feel as if … Continue reading

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