Real Estate… Agent Maaaan

Tonight: Investigated area of fire I noticed happening last night between Towpath Rd. and Highway 406 While investigating, observing the hollow area that seemed to lie beyond the otherwise apparent forest and noting the overpowering smell of something burned, we almost took a nosedive off the side of the road and into a creek lying a good distance below the level of the road 30 minutes later, avoided near-collision with both a raccoon and a guardrail (kudos to Miklos‘s fancy footwork there; AAPEX Driving Academy … Continue reading

Oh, DJ Jojo. Where are you when it’s not Saturday morning?

There’s this awesome guy in a yellow Corvette who circles the Falls some (all?) nights and, I imagine, pops one giant boner after another as people turn their heads to look at his car. The great thing is, Miklos and Pearl noticed him last year, and the guy still takes the same route around the Falls. He also looks around and around as he drives at an appropriate speed to make sure everyone is taking an envious glance at his high-performance ‘wheels’. This guy is … Continue reading

So. I’m doing a review for a test I have tomorrow and I’ve hit a roadblock. Oh, ok, I found it now. This might as well have been Twittered, for all anyone will care. Hey, I took a bunch of pictures this weekend, many of which I haven’t uploaded yet… but also, many of which I have. Go look if you’re bored (be sure to click page 2 as well). [Aside: When Flickr people add me who have displayed photos they took of the corpse … Continue reading

American Idol auditions are back, yesssss!

Listen, I don’t want to bore you with stories like this… but this is one for the memories. Ignore it if you are anyone other than me reading. Situation: I’m lying in bed, doing math in my head for some reason. I’m on the threshold of sleep when I hear a sudden frantic scrambling; a clink of my potted plant possibly being knocked down onto my bed; a quick, sharp and terrified meow; then finally a thump on my mattress, where my cat lands in … Continue reading

Something has to give.

Between the middle-aged probable molesters, and the crotchety old jackoffs wearing hats with green bows expecting me to remove the GST/PST for them because they want to buy ‘confectionaries’, I need a new job. Love my coworkers, hate the type of people I’m dealing with. The quality is just not there. Who’d have thought. I have a few applications out. Something must come through. Feeling sick to my stomach. Hopefully it’s just dehydration, but it’s probably nerves. Gross people make me anxious. Must. Escape. Gross … Continue reading

Things just keep getting weirder and weirder and now Christmas is for shopping and the Shopping God is everything.

I was never a Pearl Jam fan. I’m not anti-Pearl Jam, they’re just not that great as far as I’m concerned. Regardless, having heard a band cover them at a bar, the outro to ‘Black’ has been in my head for days. Maybe it’s just winter setting in, but this has been a very ass-backwards week for no reason in particular. The cold is disorienting, all of a sudden, and the constant ceiling of grey nothingness is overbearing and unwelcome and making me speak in … Continue reading

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