The Aubs

Welcome, little kid. Now grow old and optimistically-cynical and appreciate my blog! But seriously, isn’t she adorable? I mean, even if you don’t know her personally. You have to admit it. Oh, you won’t? Well my knee hurts. I don’t know, maybe it’s my veins again, but it could also be a pulled muscle. What? Oh right, the baby. Yeah, she’s a cutie. Share the post “The Aubs” FacebookXShare… Continue reading


Apparently this isn’t Radiohead.  But it’s sure nice like Radiohead.  I hadn’t heard the song a month ago so I don’t feel duped.  And knowing that it’s not Thom Yorke, I notice the subtle nuances indicating that it isn’t him.  Always would have noticed them though, right?  Sure. My mom did her last good deed for me for 2011.  I got a text from my sister saying “u ho”… which was then re-sent as “u home? lmfao”.  I was directed to wait at my door, … Continue reading

Rest in Peace, Brodie

Nearly 13 years ago, my Nana got this adorable little Golden Retriever puppy named Brodie.  She grew up to be big, beautiful and fluffy, and like many dogs, she had her character quirks.  She was always a sweet and wonderful dog.  My aunts and I were talking just a week ago about what a smart dog she was, nosing her way out of her crate even when it was locked.  She had the girth of an ottoman and she burped sometimes.  I liked that about … Continue reading

Something’s Peculiar Here

Wait just a minute.  This doesn’t look the same at all! I must have been a terribly indecent person in a past life because 1) I work with the public and 2) my fiance is listening to Coldplay at a volume louder than a whisper.  It seems to me there is something I should be doing tonight (choosing paint colours, painting a door, carving our pumpkins) but I don’t think I’ll muster up the motivation to get any of that done this night.  Especially not … Continue reading

Good Day

I have to say, this is the first time in weeks I have been able to say “There is nothing on TV.”  Even when we spent a week up north in the middle of nowhere with the rattly satellite that would lose signal every 7 minutes, I was happier about the programming.  I imagine this is a lot like what I can expect from my retirement years. Which is why I imagine so many old people are quite all right with dying.  Life’s all about … Continue reading

It’s so different out here

So we’re back from up north. What a great place, where the only thing you’re blowing a tonne of money on is gasoline. It’s nice not to be surrounded by products and crazy people, but rather by trees and crazy people you enjoy spending time with. Adding pictures to Flickr periodically for the next day or two. There is nothing like a nice hike to simultaneously clear your mind and fill it with wonder. What a good trip. Back to grumbling when I wake up. … Continue reading

Tonight I premiere the one-ended MSN conversation. [All responses have been removed from the conversation, even the great ones that I felt pained to have to let go of forever. Okay, except for one.] kris says:jumanji in africakris says:u like jumanjikris says:u like joe boxer?chief runingwater?kris says:jeep grand cherokeekris says:hahakris says:u like checkerskris says:i got checkerboard 4 ukris says:okris says:u like jet li on snakes ona plane?kris says:u use crest white stripskris says:jack chan eats fruitkris says:ya he does. u like obama?kris says:or hilary stickskris … Continue reading

My cute little niece came along with my parents to visit me today. They all got me out of my “can’t do my assignment” blues. Macy’s facial expressions as she watches the fish dart around in the aquarium in my living room is priceless. How are my days being spent lately? Looking for furniture and cars on Kijiji, writing resumes, sleeping little, working, and spending my days at school scratching my head wondering if any of this is actually real to any degree. And yes, … Continue reading

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