All the leaves are almost gone. What the hell! Oh right, it’s almost winter. Thinking of scrapping the blog. Turns out there’s not much to say bloggy-style when you’re the furthest from miserable that you’ve ever been. Imagine! Here are some things I find funny today: Extended MSN names that explain how the person is feeling through lyrics, quotations, or a jumble of obscenities and punctuation marks Cats when they hide their legs under their bodies and put their head flat on the bed to … Continue reading

My car is a birdshit magnet.

I can smell my feet. This will need to be remedied before (second) work (of the day). I really want to go up north in the next few weeks. Up north in the fall is the best. Colours, colours! And sweaters, sweaters! My feet really smell, wow. I should try showering one day. And coffee that isn’t burnt would be a great start too. Today I put all my stuff at Work 1 in my locker, and then locked a different one. Ha-ha. Won’t be … Continue reading

Rebel L

Hey, I’m supposed to get up at like… oh, I dunno, 9am and shower and proceed working on my macadamia academic assignment thing, but man. It’s just not feeling like bedtime yet. Sure, my eyelids are like 10 pound weights (and in eyelid weight, that’s like benching a small elephant), but I feel like there’s just so much to catch up on. Like uploading some new photos for once, and linking you to because we got to try out a 20mm lens his friend … Continue reading

Here comes "2"…!

Something special is about to happen. Tune in, tune in.And if it’s already happened by the time you read this, hello! Welcome to the future! Cool jumping pic from tonight I’m almost tempted to post the retarded looking outtakes, but I’ll spare myself the embarrassment. One retarded picture should suffice. Share the post “Here comes "2"…!” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Blow Me Away: Life Advice from a Crazy Person

We’re all crazy in one way or more, no matter how well we hide it (unless we’re boring, but I have half a mind to think even boring people have at least an ounce of nutjob in them here and there). Sure. I get all that. But you know what that kind of introduction means: Bus story forthcoming. On the big ol’ bus ride home today, the Zune died despite its “full” battery as it does every couple of days, so as the music came … Continue reading

A funny thing happened on the way to the crazy house…

Dan has returned. I like when he blogs and you should too, because he is a real laugh riot. No, I mean that. Go read it or I stab you. Man, I’ve got nothing to say to this blog lately. Except that things are falling into place and school’s almost done. Can’t wait. I’m reading Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs on the suggestion of someone I go to school with, which is amazing, because who knew business students could read, let alone read what turn … Continue reading


Whenever people meet me, and subsequently meet my blog, they try blogging. It’s this thing they do. And no one ever has the staying power. And lately, I, too, am losing my lustre. When life gets happy, the stories, they get boring. But worry not, kids. I’ll be back in school in just two short months, and as such, I’ll be as miserable and tormented as ever before! There are people who blog about 80x a week, out there. Why do people want to read … Continue reading


Sometimes I read the blogs of people I don’t know who my friends know. I think this makes me a giant pervert. Or maybe just a retaliator because they did it first. Whatever the case, I am nearly always hilarious. On a similar note, I must always be kept busy. If I am already busy, I need to be kept busier. There is no such thing as too busy until my brain explodes one day, from what, I will not try and guess. I like … Continue reading

Alternate Blog Name: Letters to Dan

Oh wow, yeah. I didn’t update in 4 days. Surprised no one held a memorial service.Between writing my own HR assistant job description for Goran’s company in a somewhat pathetic attempt at graduating college and all this rainy weather (which, aside from being bad for taking pictures, I actually love), I plum forgot about you, Dan. Well, I didn’t. I just forgot to write. In light of this, I encourage my two other readers who are registered to comment, to write a brief (or very … Continue reading

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